1964 Corvette Coupe Fuel Injected

For your consideration, our 1964 L84 (327/375hp) fuel injected coupe. I purchased this car for ourselves (Tracey and I) and did a complete mechanical restoration. In other words, I built this car to drive!

The car has the following options……

L84 327/375hp fuel injection

M20 close ratio transmission

G81 positraction axle (more on this later)

J50 power brakes

P48 knock off wheels

P91 6.70-15 nylon blackwall tires

T86 back up lamps

U69 AM/FM radio

This car was stored and serviced at John’s Fuel Injection Service in Paramount, CA. John had passed away in 2020 and thus the car had to be sold. The car was stored under a makeshift tent behind the shop (hence the patina on the car). While an original black on black car, it is reported the car was once painted white and then changed back to black. When one considers what is visible on the paint, that is quite possible.

Most all original matching number car produced March 31st, 1964 and delivered to Hovey-Dallas Chevrolet in Gardena, CA (as documented by NCRS Shipping Data Report). Fitted with it’s original trim and VIN tags. Color code 900AA (black) with STD vinyl interior (black). Currently showing 110,xxx miles. The car has been driven 800 miles since the completion of the mechanical refurbishment.

All original body panels with one exception (left side panel below belt line behind the LF wheel). All bonding strips intact and nice. All original window glass with the exception of the windshield. Excellent birdcage and solid windshield frame. Excellent rust free frame, control arms, trailering arms, etc. In fact, this car was disassembled with hand tools. Most of it’s original fasteners have been reused. Parts removed from the car that would serve as beneficial have been retained if needed for a future cosmetic restoration.

Fuel Injection was refurbished at Ken’s Fuel Injection in Medina, TN. That included the rebuilding of the high pressure pump to eliminate the possibility of high RPM lean out (see videos at end of images). Original engine rebuilt and dyno’d at Automotive Machine Service (AMS Racing Engines) in West Allis, WI. Cylinder bores are at .030. New Sealed Power pistons (10.5:1 compression ratio), new Eagle rods, Comp solid flat tappet cam, and rotating assembly balanced. New valve springs, pushrods, rocker arms, oil pump, rings, bearings, and timing set. All new valves, valve guides, 3 angle valve job, bowl porting, and pinned rocker studs. Engine was dyno’d with a carb and intake (F.I. unit was not completed at the time). 407hp @5500 rpm and carries over 389-396 lb-ft of torque from 3800-5500 rpm. The engine also retains it’s original fuel injection specific exhaust manifolds

Original transmission rebuilt by Eric Davidson (Crash). All shafts checked for runout, new syncho’s. sliders, gaskets, and seals. Centerforce clutch disc and pressure plate. All new Spicer U joints installed in drive shaft and half shafts. Non original 3.70 positraction rear end case. Very quiet and smooth. Sale also includes correctly dated 3.36 positraction case in sale.

Trailering arms have been rebuilt by V Tech Corvette. All new ball joints, tie rod ends, tie rod adjusting sleeves, control arm bushings, sway bar bushings, and idler arm (original idler arm included in sale). Brakes completely serviced. New shoes, wheel cylinders, brake hardware, brake hoses, and drums (original drums included with sale). Brake booster was rebuilt by Mike Gibbons of Brake Restorations, Inc.

New heater core (and rebuilding of heater box), along with new dated radiator / expansion tank from Dewitt’s. All new Lectric Limited wiring harness’s. Headlight motors rebuilt and operate just as they should. Halogen bulbs installed and original dated T3’s included in sale.

The only numbers not correct / dated to the car are the rear diff case and starter. The alternator is a correctly dated unit, but not original to the car. All other numbers and dates are original to the car. I feel the mileage of 110,xxx is correct. The car had the original riveted ball joints when the car was refurbished.

The knock off wheels (4) are original Kelsey Hayes wheels. I cannot confirm these are original to the car although the car has the correct and original knock off jacking instructions (see pic). The production date of the car falls into the period of time knock off wheels were being released from GM. The wheels run true, and hold air just as they should (GM had porosity issues with the early wheels). Brand new Firestone 6.70-15’s Deluxe Champions reproduced by Coker Tire. Excellent ride and drive quality (especially when one considers these are still bias ply tires).

Great original dash pads, door panels, and interior pieces. Radio refurbished by Dr. Don’s in Texas. Carpets are heavily patina’d but certainly play the part of the car.

The is an excellent running, excellent driving, and no excuse car with GREAT bones. A person can drive this car with no question or reservation. It also can be the foundation of a killer restoration! After all, it is a true black on black, original matching number, knock off wheel, California black plate fuelie.

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